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International Advertising Association (IAA) Celebrates 85 Years of Shaping the Global Marketing Land

In a testament to its enduring influence, the International Advertising Association (IAA), the world's premier network of marketing and marketing communications professionals, commemorates 85 years of excellence this October. Founded in 1938, IAA has been at the forefront of transforming the advertising industry, bridging gaps, and fostering innovation.

To mark this milestone, IAA is hosting a series of impactful events and initiatives:

  1. Official Launch of 85 Years Celebrations Logo (October 3rd, 2023): Witness the unveiling of IAA's specially crafted logo, symbolizing 85 years of creativity, advocacy, and global collaboration.

  2. IAA Global B2B Brand Summit (October 3rd, 2023): Engage with prominent voices in the B2B realm from across the globe. Explore insights, strategies, and innovations shaping the future of business-to-business interactions.

  3. Gala Dinner in New York City (October 4th, 2023): Join the grand celebration at a gala dinner attended by 85 of IAA's global leaders and IAA Compass partners from 56 countries worldwide. Experience the camaraderie that has fueled IAA's success.

  4. 45th IAA World Congress in Penang, Malaysia (March 6-8, 2024): Save the date for the 45th IAA World Congress, a flagship event focusing on sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and ESG. This event promises groundbreaking discussions and actionable strategies for the future of marketing and communications.

Reflecting on this achievement, Sasan Saeidi, Chairman and World President of IAA Global, emphasized the organization's role in supporting industry issues and values. IAA's North Star values, including creativity, advocacy, education, collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion, continue to guide its endeavors.

Dagmara Szulce, Global Executive Director of IAA Global, highlighted IAA's commitment to helping the communication industry implement these values in their organizational cultures. As the world evolves, IAA remains steadfast in its dedication to innovation and inclusivity.

IAA's global vice president for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Sheba Nandkeolyar, expressed her pride in leading IAA DE&I, emphasizing the growing demand for IAA's network of over 4,000 individual and corporate members across 56 countries.

Avinash Pandey, President of IAA India Chapter, shared his enthusiasm for IAA's remarkable journey and its impact on the marketing and advertising landscape. He underlined IAA's role in fostering collaboration and innovation in an ever-changing industry.

As the IAA community comes together to celebrate 85 years of innovation, camaraderie, and unwavering spirit, the association remains dedicated to shaping the future of marketing and advertising globally.


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