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IIM Sambalpur Hosts Valedictory Function for Odisha’s Master Weaver Management Training Program

IIM Sambalpur Hosts Valedictory Function for Odisha’s Master Weaver Small Business Management Training Programme

Sambalpur, July, 2023: IIM Sambalpur, one of the premium B-schools of the nation, organised a Valedictory Function of the Small Business Management Training Programme for Master Weavers of Odisha and Plantation Drive at the campus. The event aimed to promote strategic collaborations with renowned organisations including Flipkart and SIDBI in order to support the handloom business in Odisha. At the IIM Sambalpur campus, there was a significant plantation effort to kick off the occasion, students, faculty, and authorities in attendance planted as many as 500 trees. The drive aimed to encourage a greener world and to increase understanding of the value of environmental preservation.

As a successful outcome of this program, around 17 Master Weavers who have taken training have on-boarded the ONDC digital platform and now have started selling their products. Soon, the platform will feature products of around 100 weavers that will further boost their visibility and opportunities. The digital catalogs of weavers on ONDC were showcased. On the occasion, the book entitled ‘Training Manual for The Small Business Management Training Programme For Master Weavers’ and the project website ‘’ were launched by the dignitaries. The event also witnessed the distribution of certificates to participants of the program. The event was followed by an exhibition cum sale of weaver products.

On the occasion, Ms Roop Rashi, IA&AS, Textile Commissioner, Govt. of India graced the event as Chief Guest accompanied by Guest of Honour Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Acharya, CGM, SIDBI. Prof Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur was also present during the event. Over 100 members of master weavers’ families also attended the event.

While addressing the gathering, Prof. Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur, said that we strive to recognise and promote the indigenous handloom industry of India, which before British colonisation, stood as the world's largest industrial powerhouse contributing over 30% of global GDP. He extended his gratitude to SIDBI for their partnership in rejuvenating and preserving the rich cultural heritage and economic potential through this endeavour. Prof Jaiswal further informed that IIM Sambalpur will continue to provide support and train the master weavers and artisans of Odisha’s region based on the Shared Service Model. He hoped as they have signed an MoU with the International Institute of Education Universities Consortium, Paris, France and have a campus in Delhi -- the handloom products of Master Weavers will be exhibited in Delhi, Paris and Milan as well. While unveiling the Project website website he also assured that this will connect the bunker's community spread across the world. He also highlights the inclusive vision of IIM Sambalpur, which is taking definitive steps to provide development of the region.

Ms Roop Rashi, IA&AS, stresses the importance of understanding sustainability challenges in Indian enterprises through the right problem statement. Breaking free from the typical local enterprise mindset is key to fostering growth and sustainability. Creating a sustainable product value chain that empowers and recognizes producers is crucial. Identifying and acknowledging producers is vital for their effective bargaining and avoiding undervaluation. She informed that initiatives being made by the Ministry to get the GI tag for the Sambalpuri Handloom products. By adopting strategic measures and promoting collaboration, we can uplift local enterprises and ensure their self-sustainability and resilience.

Dr. Subhransu Acharya discussed SIDBI's approach to cluster development of the Master Weavers of the region.

Master Weavers, Ms. Sushila Meher and Mr Gajapati Meher shared their inspirational stories comprising of opportunities and challenges faced by weavers and artisans.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof Anand Hindolia, Chairperson, Corporate Communication, IIM Sambalpur, acknowledging the immense support received from all the stakeholders in making the programme a huge success.


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