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IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023 concluded with Architectural Wisdom and Blueprint

IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023 concluded with Architectural Wisdom and Tomorrow's Blueprint

Bhubaneswar, 10 Sept: The IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023, organized by the Indian Institute of Architects, Odisha chapter, entered its second day with great enthusiasm. The day was marked by insightful sessions, esteemed speakers, book releases, and a cultural extravaganza.

The proceedings began with a warm welcome address by Ar. Swopnadutta Mohanty, Chairperson of IIA Odisha Chapter, setting the stage for an enlightening day ahead. Ar. Vilas Avachat, President of IIA, graced the event as the Guest of Honor and shared his insights.

Ar. Akshay Beuria, Joint Honorary Secretary of the Indian Institute of Architects, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors.

Throughout the second day of the IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023, attendees were treated to a series of enlightening sessions and significant book releases. The first session, titled "Understanding IIA Constitution and Byelaw," featured presentations by Ar. Divya Kush, Ar. Jit Gupta, and Ar. Prakash Desmukh, providing invaluable insights into the organization's governing principles. Subsequently, in "Session 2," Ar. C.R. Raju and the Chartered Accountant of IIA shed light on the roles and responsibilities of office bearers across Chapters, Centres, and Sub Centres, offering a comprehensive view of their crucial functions.

The day also witnessed the unveiling of two remarkable publications by Apoorva Bose Dutta and Ar. Jit Gupta, showcasing the depth of architectural knowledge within the community. "Session 3" delved into the exciting "New Initiatives by IIA," offering glimpses into forthcoming developments. Additionally, Ar. Dibya Kush presented a "Curtain Raiser/Synopsis," providing a sneak peek into the upcoming amendments in the Constitution Byelaws. These sessions collectively enriched the conclave, furthering the exchange of knowledge and ideas among attendees.

A panel discussion featuring prominent figures in the architectural field added depth to the day's events, facilitating a fruitful exchange of ideas and perspectives.

In the night of celebration and recognition, the IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023 presented prestigious awards to outstanding architects. The Otto Koeinisberger Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred upon Ar. Geeta Patnaik, the first woman practicing architect in Odisha, with a career spanning since 1972. Ar. Satyanarayana Achary received the K B Mohapatra Award for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Architecture for his remarkable achievements as an academician and practitioner since 1976. Other notable honors included the Architect of the Year Award presented to Ar. Srikant Paikray and the Young Architect of the Year Award bestowed upon Ar. Saurashtra Das. These awards, along with several others chosen by esteemed national jurors, celebrated exceptional talent and dedication within the architectural community.

The Valedictory Function of Design Carnival 2023 marked the conclusion of a highly successful two-day event, celebrating architecture, innovation, and collaboration. The day ended on a high note with a Cultural Extravaganza, where participants had the opportunity to unwind and network in a festive atmosphere.

The IIA Leadership Conclave & Design Carnival 2023 has been a platform for architects, urban planners, designers, and visionaries to explore groundbreaking ideas, discuss the future of architecture, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. With a blend of knowledge sharing, recognition, and cultural celebration, this event has truly empowered architecture and paved the way for a brighter future.


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