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IDBI Bank announces launch of Liquidity Management Solution (LMS)

IDBI Bank announces launch of Liquidity Management Solution (LMS)

IDBI Bank has today announced the launch of two new products namely Corporate Liquidity Management Solution (C-LMS) and Government Liquidity Management Solution (G-LMS) designed to meet the needs of Institutional customers.

The purpose of C-LMS and G-LMS is to provide real time, web based and formula driven liquidity management solution. It provides tools to institutions for enhanced visibility of liquidity position across the organization, helping them in forecasting and projecting the cash positions at a glance. Additionally, C-LMS helps corporate customers to automate the transfer of funds across various accounts of the entity. It also helps corporate customers to manage liquidity efficiently, thereby helping in efficient working capital management.

Commenting on this launch Sh. Rakesh Sharma, MD & CEO said, “We have built this Liquidity Management Solution keeping in mind the needs of our institutional customers in the corporates as well as Government institutions to manage their liquidity requirements under one integrated system. It provides a unique solution towards consolidating funds and managing the liquidity seamlessly within the organization.”


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