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ICICI Bank opens a digital branch in Bhubaneswar

ICICI Bank Launches Innovative Digital Branch in Bhubaneswar, Reinventing Banking Experience

Bringing Convenience and Advanced Services to the Heart of Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: ICICI Bank, a pioneer in banking technology, has unveiled a revolutionary digital branch in Patia Kalarahanga, Bhubaneswar, taking yet another stride in redefining the banking landscape. This marks the fourth digital branch established by the bank in the city, with a commitment to provide customers with unparalleled convenience and cutting-edge services. The digital branch, situated at Z1 society, introduces an ATM-cum-Cash Recycler Machine (CRM) that offers round-the-clock cash deposit and withdrawal facilities.

The inauguration of this forward-looking branch was graced by Prof. Bidhu K Mohanti (M.D), Director-Academic of Bagchi Sri Shankara Cancer Center, symbolizing the collaboration between innovation and community.

With the introduction of the digital branch, customers are presented with a comprehensive suite of account options, encompassing savings and current accounts, trade and forex services, fixed and recurring deposits, as well as a diverse range of loans including business loans, home loans, personal loans, auto loans, and gold loans. The branch further extends its offerings to remittance and card services, establishing itself as a one-stop solution for financial needs. Additionally, customers can access locker facilities for secure storage. The digital branch embraces inclusivity, offering doorstep banking services specially tailored for senior citizens, differently abled individuals, and those with visual impairments.

Operating from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and on the first, third, and fifth Saturdays of the month, the digital branch presents a flexible schedule to cater to diverse customer needs. This strategic expansion increases the number of ICICI Bank branches in the city to an impressive 29, reinforcing the bank's commitment to delivering seamless services within local communities.

Notably, ICICI Bank boasts a robust network of approximately 180 branches and 350 ATMs across Odisha, catering to the evolving banking requirements of the state's residents.

Commenting on the bank's commitment to innovation, a senior representative from ICICI Bank stated, "Our digital branch represents our dedication to bringing futuristic banking experiences to the forefront. We strive to empower our customers with accessibility and convenience, combined with advanced financial solutions. This new branch is a testament to our mission of delivering excellence to our customers' doorstep."

ICICI Bank's innovative approach extends beyond brick-and-mortar establishments. The bank caters to its vast customer base through a multi-channel delivery network, encompassing traditional branches, ATMs, responsive call centers, robust internet banking (, and convenient mobile banking applications. This holistic approach ensures that customers can engage with the bank on their terms, fostering a seamless and accessible banking experience.

As ICICI Bank pioneers the transformation of banking services, the new digital branch in Bhubaneswar stands as a beacon of progress, embodying the bank's commitment to providing innovative solutions and creating lasting customer value.

For more information on ICICI Bank's innovative services and offerings, please visit their official website at

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