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Grade 10 students from Keonjhar & Koraput selected for LEAD’s ‘Super 100’ scholarship programme

Grade 10 students from Keonjhar & Koraput selected for LEAD’s ‘Super 100’ scholarship programme

‘Super 100’ by LEAD will help the brightest students from India’s small towns achieve their full academic potential and excel in board exams

Keonjhar/ Koraput, June 3, 2022: Three students from Keonjhar & Koraput are among the top hundred students selected nationwide for School Edtech LEAD’s ‘Super 100’ – a specially curated coaching, tutoring and mentoring programme for the top hundred Class 10 students (academic year 2022-23) of LEAD-powered CBSE schools across India. Keonjhar students Bidya Priyadarshani Santi and Megha Sahoo from Shree Gurukul English Medium School & Annaswata Jena from Saints School have received a full scholarship for the year-long programme by LEAD, India’s largest School EdTech company. Over 9,000 students appeared for the entrance test for LEAD’s Super 100 programme, which provides personalised academic guidance, tutoring and practice for talented students in Tier 2+ towns.

LEAD’s Super 100 programme has been designed to remove the inequity in opportunity that meritorious students in India’s smaller towns have to contend with, in their quest for academic excellence. LEAD has brought together some of India’s best teachers in Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and Hindi to coach, tutor and mentor its Super 100 students. The programme will help the best students in Tier 2+ India stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers across metros, and will include time management strategies and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Sumeet Mehta, LEAD Co-founder and CEO, said, “I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Keonjhar & Koraput’s Super 100 scholarship holders for their achievement and hard work in attaining their academic goals. While talent is present in every child, the brightest students from India’s smaller towns are often held back by the lack of access to resources and support. With Super 100, LEAD is ensuring that these students also have access to opportunity, so that they can earn their rightful place as national board toppers.”

Megha Sahoo of Shree Gurukul English Medium School said, “It is my dream to become a topper in the Class 10 board exams. With LEAD’s Super 100 programme, I am now one step closer to fulfilling this dream. I would like to thank LEAD and my school for providing me this opportunity, and I look forward to learning from some of India’s best tutors. I feel proud to be a LEAD Super 100 finalist and I will ensure that I make the best use of this programme!”


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