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Godrej Security Solutions witnesses a growth of 20% in the Premises Security Solutions (PSS)

Godrej Security Solutions witnesses a growth of 20% in the Premises Security Solutions (PSS) category

INDIA, 23rd January 2023: Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, has recorded a growth of 20% through a sub-segment of their institutional business – Premises Security Solutions (PSS), which contributes to 15% of the brand’s overall revenue. With safety being a core infrastructure element of Smart Cities initiative by the Government of India, the business has been witnessing a consistent growth in this sector. The Western region followed by the Southern and Northern regions of the country have been contributing to this growth.

Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head at Godrej Security Solutions said, “At GSS, we are committed to providing the best security solutions to our customers and we are proud to be one of the market leaders in this segment. The company has also invested Rs 2 Cr. in research and development to develop solutions that are tailored to customer requirements. We will continue to invest in building new and improved solutions to meet the changing security needs of our customers.”

With an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge products and solutions, Godrej Security Solutions has been able to provide superior protection to customers across industries like Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, IT, among others. The business has adopted a customer centric approach, with a strong focus on global technology adoption and Research & Development. The business committed an increase of 30% on its spends towards tech and innovation to meet the requirements of the Indian market, In the next two years. Some of the recent technology acquisitions have been on the business unit of Godrej & Boyce which brought on partners for the booming Datacentre industry.

There is a focus on particular customer demographics and geographic regions when it comes to onboarding new partners and hence enabling the current PSS channel expansion category.

Some of the bestselling product categories in the Premises Security Solutions segment have been observed to be the Integrated Security solutions of crash Rates Bollards, crash Rated road blockers, UVSS, XBIS (X-ray Baggage Inspection System,) Flap Barriers with FACIAL RECOGNITION SYSTEM. Additionally, GSS and its partners collaborated to develop a new FRS walkthrough mode with Anti-spoofing technology. This provides seamless access to authorised individuals and is highly secure with a very low false acceptance ratio owing to its integration with a flap barrier. The anti-drone system known as Chimera, which has the ability to detect and neutralise hostile drones, is another intriguing addition to the category.

Being India’s one of the top manufacturer of pedestrians’ access control solutions and striving to be the first choice in the PSS segment, GSS has partnered with various critical government projects like – Central Vista, T Hub Telangana, Parliament, etc.


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