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Godrej Interio launches their “Welcome to the Family” Campaign

Godrej Interio launches their “Welcome to the Family” Campaign

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· The film series, created by Supari Studios, showcases a slice of life take on a typical Indian family’s relationship with their beloved furniture, narrated from an unexpected yet charming point of view.

Mumbai, June 14th 2023: Every person has a story to tell and so does their furniture. This has been beautifully captured in the newly launched campaign “Welcome to the Family” by Godrej Interio, a business of Godrej & Boyce – the flagship company of the Godrej Group. The series of five films showcase stories about a quintessential Indian family (the Mehra family) through the eyes of a charming, unexpected narrator – their furniture.

With a captivating fusion of wit and an interesting play on emotions, the ‘Welcome to the Family’ films transport the audience to a world where the magic of everyday connections intertwines with warm moments that resonate within every home. The film captivates viewers with an engaging display of the furniture's unique features and concludes by showcasing how these attributes have solidified their indispensable role in the family. The films capture Godrej Interio’s superior furniture design that are crafted to suit the needs of Indian families, their dynamics, lifestyle, and aspirations. It showcases how furniture can not only bring style, comfort and convenience, but over time, also become part of the family.

Speaking about the films, Sumeet Bhojani, Head of Marketing Communications, Godrej Interio said, "Godrej Interio continues to be a part of families in India across multiple generations. Over time one of the key insights that continues to emerge in our research is that consumers form a very special bond with their furniture over a period of time. A piece of furniture almost becomes like a family member, participating in special moments and memories with the family. That’s the emotion we have aimed at capturing through the “Welcome to the Family” films. It’s a creative showcase of furniture that’s contemporary, multifunctional, and designed to support the modern lives of consumers today. This has helped us build and retain the consumer’s love and support for over a century now.”

Akshat Gupt, Chief Creative Officer of Supari Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and the collaboration with Godrej Interio, saying, "We really enjoyed creating the 'Welcome to the Family' series for Godrej Interio. Using everyday, relatable family experiences, we blended creative storytelling with seamless product integration to build engaging stories that all families can relate to.”

The series consists of 5 videos and will be available in 5 regional languages - Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and Tamil in addition to English and Hindi. The film will be available on YouTube, the brand’s Social media platforms and select OTT.


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