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Godrej Industries Celebrates International Women's Day with #InvestInWomen Campaign

Godrej Industries Celebrates International Women's Day with #InvestInWomen Campaign

Mumbai, March 8th 2024: As the world commemorates International Women's Day, Godrej Industries proudly launches the #InvestInWomen campaign, showcasing the transformative impact of investing in women across its diverse portfolio of businesses.

Aligned with the global theme, Godrej Industries highlights its commitment to empowering women within its offices, factories, and laboratories. The campaign unveils inspiring stories of success, both big and small, as a result of the company's unwavering dedication to gender inclusivity.

From witnessing a rise in farm yields to maximizing production on factory floors, Godrej Industries acknowledges the pivotal role women play in driving success. The laboratories are depicted as buzzing hubs of innovation, thanks to the contributions of women, while the sales force has become an unstoppable force, thanks to the company's investment in female talent.

In crafting homes for everyday joys, creating hair colors with gentle poise, and keeping vector-borne diseases at bay, Godrej Industries emphasizes that investing in women has a profound impact on various aspects of its business. Moreover, the company proudly declares its role in fostering the growth of Indian SMEs through its commitment to women empowerment.

Commenting on this occasion, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries, said, "As we commemorate International Women's Day, let us affirm that investing in women isn't merely a commitment; it's the very cornerstone of our success. Empowering women across our organization ignites innovation, fuels growth, and sparks positive transformation. We staunchly believe that when the potential of every individual is unleashed, a better world is not just possible, but inevitable. The #InvestInWomen campaign stands as a jubilant celebration of the remarkable contributions of women within Godrej."

Anu Joseph, Co-Founder and Creative Vice Chairman, Creativeland Asia, added, “With the UN’s theme for Women’s Day this year being about investing in women, we realised that at Godrej, they have been doing this for decades now. Little steps they took years ago, across the board, have already started bearing fruit. We wanted to showcase this, and at the same time, also highlight Godrej’s promise of not stopping in their efforts to bring about an equal future.”

This Women’s Day, join Godrej Industries in recognizing the vital role of women in every aspect of business, and foster a more inclusive and equitable future. Godrej’s #InvestInWomen campaign is live on YouTube at:

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