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Godrej & Boyce strengthens its green product portfolio in East India

Godrej & Boyce strengthens its green product portfolio in East India

~Godrej Material Handling generates more than 20% of its revenue from green products

Mumbai, 8th February 2023: As India’s manufacturing industry is continuously transforming, we are not only witnessing significant industrial development but a conscious adoption of green manufacturing processes by corporate India. Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, has announced that its business Godrej Material Handling has strengthened its portfolio in the green products category, eyeing a 28% market share of Electric Forklifts in India by FY24. Jamshedpur is home to some of the largest steel and iron plants and with the adoption of electric forklifts, manufacturers will be able to seamlessly transition to sustainable production in East India. Godrej Material Handling is the first in India to manufacture 5-tonne electric forklift and the business generates under 10% of its electric forklift sales from the eastern region of India.

As a part of the Company’s Good & Green initiative that ensures each business generates a share of its revenue from environmentally responsible products and solutions, Godrej Material Handling generates more than 20% of its business from such products. The newly designed UNO series of electric forklifts is an addition to this portfolio and is committed to providing a consumer experience that is technologically more enhanced and efficient. Electric-powered forklifts have operation costs as low as 20% and are highly maneuverable and versatile which gives them an edge over Diesel forklift trucks. The Bravo electric series has twin motor technology and wet disc brakes which gives the performance of diesel and the benefits of electric that drives productivity in demanding applications and narrow spaces with its easier-to-operate machinery that is also safer for the environment. The Godrej PRO series reach truck can work two shifts with a single higher capacity battery and thus ensures an increase in safety at the workplace.

Commenting on this, Neville Mevawala, Head of Sales & Marketing, Godrej Material Handling, Godrej & Boyce says, "At Godrej Material Handling, we are continuously working towards increasing the share of our Good & Green products. We believe that it is not just the right choice to make but also one that has huge economic value. With this, we aim to bring products and solutions to the market that make the supply chain and logistics segment in India more efficient and sustainable. The UNO Electric Forklift Truck is designed to provide maximum output. The new UNO platform is 10% more energy efficient than the older version due to low energy loss and a higher Volt system. The usage will lead to a significant reduction of carbon footprints and make material handling operations more efficient."

Owing to the rapid development of industrial plants and sustainable initiatives taken by manufacturers in Jamshedpur, there has been a significant shift from Diesel to Electric Forklift Trucks in eastern India. Electric trucks account for 65% of the market share, up from 57% four years ago.


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