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Godrej Appliances unveils its TV campaign for India's First Leak-Proof Split Air Conditioner

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Godrej Appliances unveils its TV campaign, featuring Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana, for India's First Leak-Proof Split Air Conditioner

Mumbai, 14th April 2023: Godrej Appliances, part of Godrej & Boyce the flagship company of the Godrej Group has rolled out a witty television campaign for India’s first Leak-proof* split Air Conditioner. The film addresses the common yet unsolved problem of leaking ACs faced by AC users and presents the thoughtful innovation - Air Conditioners with Anti-Leak Technology.

Starring the superstar Ayushmann Khurrana, the film opens with him noticing water leaking out of the air conditioner and getting irritated with the sight. While watching the couple around him putting a diaper around their baby, he thinks of a jugaad to plug the leak – he sticks the diaper on the AC and shrugs at the confused couple. The TVC then cuts to him presenting the right solution – the latest Godrej Leak-proof AC with Anti-Leak Technology.

An estimated 85% AC consumers suffer from this issue at least once in the product's lifetime and consequently, the issue ranks amongst AC’s key concerns. However, no brand had offered a solution to this perennial problem. As a lasting solution to the leaking split AC woes, Godrej introduced its Leak-Proof Air Conditioners with Anti-Leak technology. The company has also filed a patent for this revolutionary technology, making it India’s first and the only one of its kind in the market. This AC also offers a host of other relevant technologies and features such as 5-in-1 Convertible Cooling Technology that can be set basis the number of people in the room and help save energy, i-sense technology with remote sensing to deliver the desired cooling around the customer, powerful cooling even at 52°C with lower derating, inverter technology for power saving and ecofriendly R32 refrigerant among several others.

Speaking on the latest television campaign, Swati Rathi, Head – Marketing, Godrej Appliances said, “We found leaking ACs to be a common household problem faced by an estimated 85% AC consumers. Most of them resorted to ‘jugaad’ measures to live with this water leakage, but no brand had a permanent solution to it. Backed by the brand’s ethos of creating thoughtful products with relevant technology, we introduced this industry-first, patent applied Anti-Leak Technology in our AC and to communicate this disruptive proposition, we decided to take a quirky communication route in this TVC by showing a diaper stuck on the AC making for a memorable viewing. The initial response to the proposition and the communication has been very positive and we are confident this engaging film will help us build awareness for the new USP.”

The film is conceptualized by Creativeland Asia and is being aired across major electronic and online platforms. Commenting on this film, Anu Joseph, Co-Founder and Creative Vice Chairman, Creativeland Asia said, "There was never a real solution for leaky ACs, up until now. That's what we've highlighted in this satirical piece featuring Ayushmann Khurrana. This campaign that started with us promoting AC Diapers across social and digital, went viral from the word go. It stays true to the brand’s philosophy of ‘Things made thoughtfully’.”


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