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Gifting ideas for Mother’s Day by Modicare Clensta

Gifting ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day just around the corner, we must appreciate the role she plays in our lives. While mothers deserve our love round-the-clock, it’s all about going all-out on Mother’s day. From grand-mothers to new moms, these super women play myriad roles in our lives. And they deserve much appreciation and a lot of CARE!

However, the plethora of choices tend to daunt a person while picking out the perfect gift for your mother. But worry not! If you are on the lookout for a gift that would be the perfect token of love - Here’s a gifting guide for mother’s day that will tick all your check boxes for the 8th of May

1. Clensta’s Super Women Combo Pack for your Super Woman:

The super women that our moms are, they hop from one task to another and make it look effortless and breezy without caring about the toll it takes on their mind, body and skin. This Mother’s Day pamper your super-mom with Clensta’s Super Women Combo Pack which comprises of a Face Moisturizer, a Sunscreen, a Face Serum and an Under-eye Cream. Laced with the goodness of magical Red Aloe Vera, this essential combo will help your mother in replenishing her natural glow and having the perfect skin she has always dreamt of. The higher concentrations of beneficial phytochemicals in Red Aloe Vera provide it a 22-times more powerful anti-inflammatory effect. High concentrations of salicylic acid and polysaccharides help relax tight muscles and provide a soothing effect.

2. Urban Color London’s Blue Light Shield Range by Modicare: Make-up and skincare are your mom’s best friends if she’s someone who can’t have enough of these products. This 8th May, surprise her with a ‘Screenguard’ for her skin. Yes, you heard it right. With the pandemic increasing our digital usage and constantly exposed to invisible Blue Light rays emitted from the several digital devices we use like smartphones, laptops, televisions, tablets etc. With the gift of all-new Urban Color Blue Light Shield skincare range, protect her skin from Blue Light radiation emitted from digital devices. This is one of the world’s best formulations. It draws its strength from our hero Carotolino* active - a combination of Beta-Carotene, Carrot Root Extract and Carrot Seed Oil. It reduces oxidative stress and creates an all-day defensive barrier to Blue Light entry, thus promoting overall skin health and liveliness. The range comprises of a meticulously designed five-step regime containing Everyday Face Wash, Resurfacing Gel Scrub, Deep Clean Coffee Masque, Reset Serum Oil and Moisturising Crème. The range is 100% vegan, Paraben & cruelty free, and dermatologically tested. Go grab her a ‘Screenguard’ now.

* Made In: USA and Switzerland


§ Blue Light Shield Gentle Face Wash: INR 500/-

§ Blue Light Shield Resurfacing Gel Scrub: INR 550/-

§ Blue Light Shield Deep Clean Coffee Masque: INR 650/-

§ Blue Light Shield Reset Serum Oil: INR 550/-

§ Blue Light Shield Moisturizing Crème: INR 650/-


Available through Modicare Consultants

3. Amoli’s New Sangani Collection by Modicare: Let your mom live her diva life this Mother’s day for the rockstar that she truly is with this 18k karat gold plated handcrafted jewellery. No celebration is complete without some glimmer and gold. The Lavanya set from Amoli’s new Sangani collection priced @ INR 3,999/- comes with a necklace and a pair of earrings that create a splendid visual statement. Time to let mom play accessorize with a ruby studded set that offers her the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary; one that is truly reflective of her style.

Available through Modicare Consultants

4. The Good Bungee from Hush Puppies by Bata India: For our supermoms, who are always on the go, the Good Bungee from Hush Puppies by Bata India @INR 4999/- will be the perfect running partner. Whether it’s multi-tasking flawlessly or running around after a toddler, or taking the boardroom with a storm – from fun to frolic, let your mother add a splash of color to her everyday tasks. Let her dress up with a suit or dress down with jeans.

Bonus: Offer her soft pain-free feet at the end of the day!

5. Black Ivy Sandals from Hush Puppies by Bata India: If you’re seeking chic comfort for your mom, this pair of breezy black ivy sandals from Hush Puppies by Bata India @INR 3499/ - will be her best-friends. Let her complement all her casual looks with its neutral allure. Whether it’s a cotton dress or a traditional salwar-suit, let our beautiful moms experience mother’s day all easy-breezy this summer.

6. Marie Claire Black Pump by Bata India: If you want to pamper your mother then the classic black closed toe pumps are a splurge-worthy addition to her wardrobe staples. The iconic black pump from Marie Claire by Bata @INR 4999/ - brings the duel power of comfort and durability to all her destinations. With the evergreen mash-up of shoes and heels, you’re sure to give her a versatile statement piece to strut around like she owns the world all year long.

7. Lakshmi Series Pure Gold Coin: What better way to express your love and gratitude to the Lakshmi of your house than to gift her with MMTC-PAMP’s purest gold coin. This beautifully minted coin carries the promise of 999.9 purity and has the Goddess of wealth engraved on it. Available in denominations of 1g, 2g, 5g, 8g and 10g these coins are an investment, a gesture and a token of appreciation that is memorable encapsulates the feeling of gratitude we feel for the woman in our lives. Each MMTC-PAMP gold coin is secured within a signed and numbered, tamper-resistant Assayer’s blister card that serves as your assurance of the highest purity and finest craftsmanship.

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