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Finolex Pipes Unveils 'Peedhiyan Badlengi, Pipe Nahin' Campaign to Reinforce its Position

Finolex Pipes Unveils 'Peedhiyan Badlengi, Pipe Nahin' Campaign to Reinforce its Position as India's Most Trusted & Durable Pipe Brand

The new film celebrates the choice of millions of Plumbers who prefer long lasting Finolex Pipes & fittings.

July 14th, 2023. India: Finolex Industries Ltd, the leading manufacturer of PVC pipes and fittings in India, further strengthens its position as one of the country's most trusted & durable pipe brand. The company recently unveiled a compelling new film titled ‘Peedhiyan Badlengi, Pipe Nahin’ to express its gratitude to millions of plumbers who have played a pivotal role in its brand journey.

Conceptualised and created by Schbang Motion pictures, the film celebrates the enduring trust, support, and growing connections among various stakeholders associated with Finolex Pipes. It showcases the remarkable collaboration of three generations of plumbers, highlighting the success of those who have long been associated with Finolex Pipes and continue to proudly endorse its products and brand.

During a discussion among the plumbers in the film story, the youngest member curiously wonders why they don't have to install pipes in a particular house. The wise grandfather, the most seasoned plumber among them, shares his experience of using Finolex Pipes in the past. In this scenario, he explains that long back he had fitted Finolex Pipes & it performed very well, not needing any further maintenance or attention. This anecdote highlights the remarkable longevity & durability of Finolex Pipes & fittings. This film draws its inspiration from collective voice of stakeholders across growing footprint of Finolex Pipes with 21,000 retailers & dealers.

The film not only pays homage to Plumbers, our water warriors, but also acknowledges their decision to place trust in the reliable and dependable brand, Finolex Pipes. Over the years, this has translated into increased preference & love for the Finolex Pipes & fittings in plumbing, sanitation & agriculture segment and the brand has experienced significant increase in overall awareness and consideration levels in the market. With top class products, thorough testing & validation, fit for all weather conditions Finolex Pipes has seen augmented demand in both the retail & project sales segment.

Ashok Jaiswar, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Communications, Finolex Industries Limited says “With this new campaign, we aim to share the success story of plumbers who have long-standing associations with us and continue to confidently endorse our products and brand. The quality of our product portfolio is a testament to the enduring relationships we have built across generations.”

In order to foster stronger customer connections, Finolex Pipes has consistently invested efforts in raising awareness about the significance of using high-quality pipes, an aspect often overlooked in the category. The brand has also gained recognition for its massive work with plumbers at the ground level, focus on the distribution channel, and active engagement in community service through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, the Mukul Madhav Foundation.

Kashyap Joshi, Executive Creative Director, Schbang said, "When we asked, how long do Finolex pipes last, the answer went from months to years, to decades to generations. So we came up with a script where we let a family of plumbers ask this question to their previous generation. What resulted was a fun film that brings out the product claim in a very memorable way."

In the Building Material Industry, Finolex Pipes has earned a stellar reputation & become go-to brand for the Plumbers, Plumbing Contractors, Plumbing Consultant, Architects & Builders. With this new communication, we aim to reinforce our focus on the quality, assurance & long lasting relationships which Finolex Pipes Parivaar has built over last 42 years of presence in India.

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