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Fifth Financial Inclusion and Women Entrepreneurship Conference

Fifth Financial Inclusion and Women Entrepreneurship Conference

Bhubaneswar, 16th February: The momentum of financial inclusion across India is rapidly gaining pace. In Odisha, a multitude of financial services has been expanded by entities such as microfinance institutions affiliated with the Reserve Bank of India, banks, SIDBI, NABARD, nationalized banks, private banks, and small finance banks. Particularly in underserved regions, microfinance institutions are facilitating loans not only for income augmentation but also for sectors like agriculture, housing, education, sanitation, and solar energy. More than 70 microfinance institutions, banks, and small finance banks in the state have collectively extended loans amounting to Rs. 21,800 crores, benefiting 4 million women SHG members. Through the provision of loans, coupled with various skill development and financial literacy programs, there has been a noticeable increase in women's employment, empowering them in the process.

This information was disclosed by Mr. Narendra Naik, CEO of OSAFII, during the conference.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Dibyajyot Patnaik, President of OSAFII, and inaugurated by Dr. Sudhasnu K.K., CGM NABARD, the conference witnessed the presence of esteemed guests including Mrs. Y. Kumari, CGM SIDBI, Dr. Alok Mishra, President MFIN, Mr. G. G. Menon, Head of Sa-Dhan, and Mr. Jagdananda, Mentor of C.Y.S.D. The discussions among these dignitaries revolved around the comprehensive inclusion of rural women in various government schemes, bank initiatives, and financial institutions aimed at fostering entrepreneurship.

The program underscored the importance of partnerships among all public, private, and developmental institutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and build a climate-resilient society.

Panelists such as Ajit Sabat, Alok Patnaik, Mr. Mohan Chandran, Dr. Debasis Mohapatra, and Ashok Ranjan Samal delved into various services, challenges, and solutions regarding the provision of financial services to villages in the last mile.

Representatives from 30 districts of Odisha, totaling 500, actively participated in the conference.

Finally, Mr. Sudshanshu Das and Mr. Ashish Kumar Das conveyed expressions of gratitude on behalf of OAFII.

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