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Electricity theft is not only illegal but also a social evil violating the rights of honest consumer

Electricity theft is not only illegal but also a social evil encroaching the rights of honest consumers

· 8.5 MW load booked in 7 days

Bhubaneswar, May 29, 2023: In pursuit of providing reliable and uninterrupted power, supply to its consumers TPCODL has taken up different initiatives including infrastructure development, technological upgradation, enhancement of services at customer care centers etc. TPCODL is making a huge expenditure for the infrastructural development and at the same time, it is bearing a huge loss for the unethical practice of electricity theft.

Illegal hooking is a dangerous practice that can have serious consequences for both the consumer and the utility provider. It involves bypassing the utility company's meter and connecting directly to the power grid, allowing the consumer to avoid paying for the electricity they are using. This practice is not only unethical, but it is also unsafe and can lead to power outages, fires, and other dangerous situations. Additionally, it is a burden for honest bill payers, as they are forced to pay for the electricity that is being stolen by those who are illegally hooking up. Illegal hooking can also lead to higher electricity bills for honest consumers, as the utility company must make up for the lost revenue. Customers can report such illegal actions by sending message on our wts app number 9437158670 or call us at 1912/1800-345-7122.

In order to protect honest consumers and to check illegal hooking of electricity, mass drives are conducted by TPCODL in all across its area. These drives are conducted to identify and disconnect illegal connections and to ensure that only those consumers who are paying their electricity bills are getting the electricity supply. The drives involves the inspection of electricity meters, checking of wiring and other electrical installations. Necessary action against those found guilty of illegal hooking of electricity is ensured to keep a check on this theft. These drives help in reducing the burden of electricity bills on honest consumers and also help in curbing the A T and C losses incurred.

Recently TPCODL has undertaken massive drive to catch the theft cases in entire area. Approximately 14658 number of premise have been booked for theft of electricity in last 7 days and connected load of these consumers found approx. 8500 KW in 2539 nos of cases. All these information of theft was received form general public and unknown sources. In one such drive, approx. 8500 nos of premises inspected and approx. 5000 kW of load booked in 1520 nos of cases on 20th May’23 in which 350 nos. of teams participated in the drive. In coming months also, these drives will be continued to prevent pilferage and to safeguard the rights of honest consumers.

Mr. M. Shenbagam, Chief Executive Officer, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd said “Safeguarding the interest of the honest consumers by preventing power theft is an important factor in the distribution operation. People should be encouraged to report any suspicious activity or any instances of power theft that they come across. People should also be educated about the consequences of power theft and the importance of using electricity responsibly. This in long run will also be beneficial to the consumers in terms of lesser tariff infrastructure development or services to all sections of society”


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