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Ekdum Solid, reiterates Rungta Steel Wire Rod new TVC, echoing growth aspirations for India

Ekdum Solid, reiterates Rungta Steel Wire Rod new TVC, echoing growth aspirations for India

New Delhi, January 5 2023: Rungta Mines Limited, one of India’s growing steel manufacturers, unveiled the TVC starring Bollywood star couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. The latest TVC reiterates Rungta Steel’s message to serve its consumers with an increasing portfolio of products with the commitment of creating values for all its stakeholders and a relentless drive to be #EkdumSolid.

The TVC campaign showcases Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor enjoying a playful conversation but one that is asserted by an uncompromising shared value of a strong foundation across relationships and homes that embodies Rungta Steel’s Wire Rod narrated as “Ekdum Solid.”

Continuing decades of commitment to contributing to India’s accelerated growth story, Rungta Steel’s Wire Rods undergo state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous manufacturing process that assures the highest quality of these wire rods.

Speaking on the TVC campaign, the Spokesperson of Rungta Mines Ltd. said, “Rungta Steel has invested heavily to provide a diverse portfolio of products. Our latest Wire Rod segment will enable key end users to confidently use the product in a plethora of applications. Rungta Wire Rods enjoy a smooth and shining surface that comes with a coil bundle packaging”.

The Rungta Wire Rod will be available across pan India and will be targeted towards the HB Wire industry, Cable industry, Electrode manufacturers and special Grade end users through the wire rods. These wire rods have been streamlined for a wide-range of applications across the fastener industry, wire drawing, transmission wire, binding wire and barbed wire to list a few of the many multifaceted purposes.


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