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Duluth Trading Company Transforms In-Store Checkout Experiences with TCS OmniStore™

Duluth Trading Company Transforms In-Store Checkout Experiences with TCS OmniStore™

Tata Consultancy Services’ Unified Commerce Platform Has Helped the Lifestyle Company Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Improve Sales, and Drive Growth

MOUNT HOREB, WI | MUMBAI, May 02, 2022: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) has worked with Duluth Trading Co. to drive seamless omni-channel checkout experiences using TCS OmniStore™, its award winning AI-powered unified commerce platform.

Duluth Trading was looking to enhance the in-store experience by leveraging its digital data and extending sales channels. The lifestyle company chose TCS as its transformation partner, and OmniStore as the core platform, for its flexibility, intuitive interface and ease of adoption.

TCS OmniStore effectively supports Duluth Trading’s growth strategy by replacing its traditional POS system, with a modern, services-based unified commerce platform merging and extending existing channels and customer touchpoints, as well as flexibly orchestrating omni-channel customer journeys. It serves as a single commerce platform for all in-store commerce: POS, MPOS, Scan and Go, curbside pickup and more.

The platform has enabled all Duluth Trading stores across the US to drive faster check-out and returns with improved visibility of items purchased across channels. For store associates, TCS OmniStore provides real-time access to universal carts, promotions and orders, item information and inventory with connected context between online and store. Store associates leverage this information to upsell and cross-sell, as well as offer personalized recommendations.

The platform has a simple and intuitive user interface that doesn’t require much training and increases productivity. The omni-channel mixed-basket sales and simplified return capabilities implemented by TCS OmniStore have helped Duluth Trading significantly improve customer satisfaction and sales, and enhance growth.

“Our retail and IT leadership are very complimentary of how OmniStore has performed through the peak holiday season,” said Christopher Teufel, Sr. Vice President of Information Technology and Logistics, Duluth Trading Co. “Especially in its ability to sell products to our customers regardless of the location. Within a single customer interaction, we’re able to provide a broader offering at the register, and this was an important part of our successful selling approach this past holiday season. We’re excited to roll our mobile solution across the retail chain in early 2023 and to learn more about how we engage our customers in new ways within our store fleet.”

“As a leader in retail business transformations, TCS has a unique insight into the omni-channel needs of the industry and constraints with traditional POS,” said Shankar Narayanan, Business Group Head, Retail Cluster, TCS. “We are pleased to partner with Duluth Trading Co. in their strategic initiative to reimagine in-store customer experiences. TCS OmniStore enables a seamless omni-channel customer journey while laying a solid foundation for future retail,”

A part of TCS Algo Retail™ suite, TCS OmniStore, is a micro-services based future commerce platform that can flexibly orchestrate unified omni-channel customer journeys and help businesses roll out new services and apps quickly without having to worry about channel constraints. It can serve diverse lines of business—general merchandize, discount, specialty, fashion, restaurant, post office, telecom, and travel and hospitality industries.


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