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CP67 Mall Sparks Joy and Wellness with Free Health Check-Ups, Nutritional Advice and Zumba Fiesta on World Health Day

CP67 Mall Sparks Joy and Wellness with Free Health Check-Ups, Nutritional Advice and Zumba Fiesta on World Health Day

Mohali, April 9, 2024: In a vibrant celebration of World Health Day, CP67 Mall transformed into a bustling hub of health, wellness and joy, underscoring its reputation as the premier destination for happiness in the region. With an enriching program that included complimentary health check-ups, insightful nutrition consultations and an exhilarating Zumba session, the event mirrored the mall's commitment to fostering community well-being and personal health.

The highlight of the day was a free health check-up conducted in association with Max Hospital. Expert medical professionals examined the vital health parameters of the mall's guests, offering invaluable insights into maintaining optimal health. A nutrition consultation provided by seasoned dieticians shed light on the cornerstones of a healthy diet and lifestyle, empowering attendees with the knowledge to pursue a balanced and wholesome life. This initiative saw overwhelming participation, with more than 100 people benefiting from the health evaluation and nutritional advice, which went on from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Reflecting on the World Health Day celebrations at the mall and emphasising its role in enriching the lives of its patrons, Mr. Umang Jindal, CEO of Homeland Group, CP67 Mall in Mohali – a project by Unity Homeland said, "As a community-focused organisation, CP67 Mall seizes every opportunity to contribute to the happiness and well-being of our visitors and the broader community. World Health Day serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of health and wellness in achieving any aspiration or celebrating any achievement. Today's 'Health, Well-being, and Fitness' event was meticulously crafted to guide our patrons toward a path of comprehensive health and happiness."

In an effort to highlight the significance of physical fitness in maintaining health, CP67 Mall, in partnership with Pro Fitness Gym, hosted a dynamic Zumba session. The event, held from 5pm -7pm was a spectacle of energy, joy and movement, filling the mall with an infectious spirit of fun and fitness. More than 100 enthusiastic participants laced up their dancing shoes, immersing themselves in the rhythm of Zumba and exemplifying the mall's dedication to promoting a lifestyle of fitness and health.

The day's festivities at CP67 Mall not only celebrated World Health Day but also reaffirmed the mall's commitment to being a beacon of health, happiness and community engagement. Through events like these, CP67 Mall continues to weave a stronger, healthier fabric for the society it serves, portraying itself as a landmark that goes much beyond business interests by embracing well-being and joy.

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