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Clay Craft India Redefines Tableware Elegance with the Launch of Digital Printing

Clay Craft India Redefines Tableware Elegance with the Launch of Digital Printing

JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN – Clay Craft India Private Limited, the nation's foremost manufacturer of ceramic tableware products, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement by becoming the first ceramic tableware manufacturer in India to introduce Digital Printing. This technological leap is set to redefine the landscape of ceramic tableware, showcasing innovation and craftsmanship at its finest. The state-of-the-art printer is sourced from KeraJet, a renowned machine supplier based in Spain, globally recognized for delivering world-class printing solutions.

Clay Craft anticipates that digital printing will lead to dynamic shifts in the aesthetics and design of tableware, keeping pace with evolving consumer preferences. Ceramic Digital Printing on Tableware is revolutionary for numerous reasons. In alignment with India's commitment to sustainable practices, digital printing drastically reduces water & paper usage and optimizes ink and material consumption, reflecting the global shift towards environmentally conscious production. The streamlined process, from design to print in just 10 minutes, enables rapid project acceptance cycles and real-time adjustments during production without any delays.

The advent of digital printing eliminates the need for minimum orders, allowing cost-effective production for a single piece. Hotels and Restaurants can incorporate a personal touch to their designs without incurring additional costs, opening avenues for creative possibilities. Additionally, as the value of land increases, warehouses full of pad printing tools would be considered unproductive, making digital printing an efficient solution.

Mr. Bharat Agarwal, Director of Clay Craft India Private Limited, commented on the industry first initiative, "We are proud to introduce the latest state of the art technology to India with Ceramic Digital printing on our beautifully handcrafted tableware. We are excited to be the flagbearer of this trend in India, bringing global standards to the forefront of the country's ceramic industry. Our acquisition of the nation's first Ceramic Digital Printer for Tableware is a testament to our commitment for innovation and quality. We are thrilled to collaborate with Kerajet to redefine the way we perceive and experience tableware."

The Digital Printing for Tableware market is poised for a 6.8% CAGR from 2024 to 2029, reaching USD 452 million by 2029. This growth is attributed to the rising demand for sustainable printing practices and the transformative impact of digital printing technology.

Mr. Victor Ahicart Momplet, Area Manager South Asia, Kerajet commented on their partnership with Clay Craft, "We are delighted to collaborate with Clay Craft in this transformative journey. The positive collaboration has allowed us to create projects that will change the trajectory of the tableware market in India. Clay Craft's professionalism, creativity, and forward-looking vision align with our commitment to technological advancements. We are proud to enter the Indian market with India’s leading ceramic tableware manufacturer and look forward to working with them."

Clay Craft's venture into Digital Printing on Ceramics aligns with the current popularity of this technique in the ceramic tiles industry, both in India and globally. The company looks forward to reshaping the ceramic tableware landscape and providing customers with an unparalleled fusion of artistry and functionality.

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