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Bettering healthcare facilities at Kalmang

Bettering healthcare facilities at Kalmang

Kalmang: Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) has ensured that the deficit of medical treatment among rural communities is capped through the incessant call to duty by its ecosystem of Mobile Medical Units (MMU). In an attempt to promote better healthcare facilities in Kalmang area, one MMU is running in the area covering Gandalpada (Guati), Khanusai, Shankhapada, Gundarguda and Gandalpada (Goali) among others.

The services include free diagnosis and checkup, treatment, counselling, health, education and awareness to villagers and students. Besides, the team also ensures that the referral cases get treatment at the nearest government hospitals or Tata Steel hospital at Joda within the shortest time possible.

Over the last one year, more than 3, 632 people have been reached out to through the MMU.

“The primary health centre services provided by the government are static by its nature of operations. We are mostly dependent on the MMUs for medical consultations. With the ongoing pandemic scenario, things have gone worse. So, access and availability of services at doorstep has been the need of the hour, and the MMU service comes in at the right time,” says Sunaram Munda from Gandalpada village.

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