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Ashok Leyland launches AVTR High Horse Power Tippers

Ashok Leyland launches AVTR High Horse Power Tippers

Hyderabad, 20 December 2021: Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja group, and India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, today launched the robust new AVTR tipper models with high horse power - AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532. Powered by 8.0L A6 Series engines with iGEN6 technology, these trucks generate 320HP and deliver 1200NM torque. The globally benchmarked A6 engines are indigenously designed and developed by Ashok Leyland to offer excellent torque, incredible acceleration, pulling power and unmatched fuel efficiency.

The AVTR range has been hugely successful and much appreciated for its performance, reliability and durability. The AVTR range comes with H6 and A4 engines for the present and will deliver a maximum of 250 HP. However, there has been a need for a vehicle in the deep mining tipper segment, as the vehicles need to negotiate steep gradients with very high payloads. With the launch of AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532, Ashok Leyland will be filling this gap and strengthening the tipper portfolio. The launch of these vehicles with the high horsepower A6 engines will help customers for applications like road construction, irrigation, deep mining, boulder quarry and others.

Commenting on the launch of the new AVTR Tipper models, Mr. Sanjay Saraswat, Head – M&HCV, Ashok Leyland, said, “With the launch of the High Horse Power Tippers; AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532, we aim to provide products with higher productivity and efficiency to our customers. We have always attempted to identify product gaps and fill those with differentiated products, and the AVTR High Horse Power Tippers are a testimony to Ashok Leyland’s commitment towards the same. The High Horse Power Tippers are inbuilt with the state-of-the-art A6 series engines that are designed and developed indigenously. Staying true to our brand philosophy – Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet, we aim to deliver to the customers products that are suited for their specific needs”

Speaking on the occasion Sanjeev Kumar, Head – M&HCV, Sales & Network, Ashok Leyland, said, “The launch of the High Horse Power Tippers; AVTR 2832 and AVTR 3532, are very significant in this Geography. Hyderabad city and its adjacent regions have progressive, booming industries such as mining, horticulture, and agriculture that fuel the demand for these innovative trucks. The new range has been built with a focus on higher productivity, increased fuel efficiency, improved long-haul commutes with better ground clearance in difficult terrains, in-house designed hydraulic system to reduce the maintenance time, and will deliver overall on a lower total cost of ownership.”

*ANNEXURE (About AVTR High Horse Power Tippers):

Best-in-class performance:

· A6 engine generates 320Hp and delivers 1200Nm torque for faster pickup and acceleration and thus higher productivity

· Heavy-duty hub reduction rear axle with 7.2:1 deeper ratio for superior torque at wheels for higher gradeability and faster turnaround time

· Newly designed heavy-duty bogie suspension with higher diameter U-bolts to withstand severe articulation on off-road and improved V-rod and radius rod to efficiently handle lateral forces and ensure roll stiffness

· High tensile strength of 1250mpa material rock type load bodies and rock breakers to withstand the shock loads when heavy rocks are dumped from heights

Best-in-class uptime:

· World class reliability and B10 life ensure best-in-class uptime for AVTR High HP tippers

· 430mm diameter clutch for higher durability and uptime

· Heavy-duty 9-speed direct drive gearbox with suitable ratios and fully synchronized shifting for better torque transmission, pickup and long life

· High tensile HSFQ 550Mpa material frame for higher strength and higher load carrying capacity. 11” frame width suits arduous operations and ensures higher reliability and long life

Lower maintenance:

· 1000Hr engine oil change interval

· 3000Hr gearbox oil change interval

· Lube for life propeller shaft

· Unitised hub bearings at front hubs are maintenance free

· Oil lubricated rear wheel hubs

· Higher diameter V-rod and radius rod bush for higher durability and wear pads with ADI material for best-in-class life

Best-in-class safety:

· A6 engine has engine brake feature that ensures superior retarding power in downhill operations with load

· Fitted with anti-roll bar which offers better stability and safety while cornering

· 10 bar brake system offers powerful and sure stop braking even under extreme operating conditions

· Stabilizer in the load body ensures lateral stability while tipping and body props are provided on both sides to ensure safe maintenance work

Best-in-class comfort:

· N cabin is fully air conditioned and spacious with 4 louvers. It is ergonomically designed as per international standards and crash test approved as per AIS 029 standards

· 4 point cab mounting, weight adjustable driver seat offers superior driving comfort

· Air assisted clutch booster for low clutch pedal effort and higher driving comfort

· Cable CSO with twin lever for smoother gear shift for enhanced driver comfort and productivity

· Heavy-duty parabolic suspension with shock absorbers at front for superior ride comfort

Strong After-sales support:

· Customised AMC and on-site service are exclusive after-sales services offered to keep the tippers running and working 24/7


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