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Ambuja Foundation and HDFC Bank Parivartan collaborate to skill 1700 youth in Delhi NCR in next 3 years

Ambuja Foundation and HDFC Bank Parivartan collaborate to skill 1700 youth in Delhi NCR in next 3 years

Intending to improve the socio-economic condition of the local population in the region, Ambuja Foundation and HDFC Bank Parivartan came together to open a new skill training centre in Delhi NCR


New Delhi, 27th December 2023:Aiming to empower the youth with employable skills, AmbujaFoundation has joined hands with HDFC Bank Parivartan to set up a new training centre in DelhiNCR under its Focused Rural Development Program (FRDP). Through this collaboration, 1700 youth will be trained over the next 3 years and equipped with necessary skills to become future ready.


Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) is a highly dynamic and rapidly growing metropolitan area in the country. The region offers numerous employment opportunities but a significant skill gap is clearly visible in the young generation that needs to be addressed to meet the demands of the job market. The skill gap refers to the mismatch between the skills possessed by the workforce and the skills required by the industries. In order to support the youth with skill training and sustainable career opportunities, HDFC Bank Parivartan and Ambuja Foundation aim to skill youth in Phlebotomist, Future Skills (Python & ML+AI/DS), Industrial Electrician/RACW Service Engineer and Advanced Beauty Training.


Speaking about the project, Pearl Tiwari, CEO,AmbujaFoundation said, “As per the Global Skills Gap Report, the Indian workforce reported the second highest skill gap in the world. With rising demand for skilled workforce coming from across the sectors, it is vital to bridge the skill gap to prepare job ready youth. We have addressed the several key issues including the skill gap in partnership with HDFC. With this partnership,we look forward to continuingto make positive impacts on the lives of more and more youth of the country.”


Along with regular training, curriculum creation and supervision, Ambuja Foundation will conduct outreach events and meet with families and young people, to educate them on the various avenues in the area of skills and the types of jobs they can get in the future. Core members of the project team will provide counselling and career guidance to help young people make the right decisions for a secure future. Also, the new centre will facilitate the placement of graduates into their first jobs, via a network of partnerships with industries and businesses. 


About AmbujaFoundation

Ambuja Foundation is an independent, pan-India development organization, committed to generating prosperous rural communities. We believe in the vast, untapped potential of rural communities and the unstoppable power of the people that live there. With investments in water, agriculture, skills, women, health and education, we enable ‘livelihoods’ as a pathway to unleashing that potential. Partnering with like-minded corporates, Governments and others, we work collaboratively with communities to solve pressing community problems – empowering local people to be the catalysts and drivers of change. And over almost 3 decades of work, we have seen a complete transformation in the remote geographies in which we work. We are committed to expanding our footprint and impact of our work even further, through partnerships – building many more sustainable, prosperous rural communities, and revitalizing rural India as the backbone of this country.

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