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AirAsia India introduces in-flight safety manual for visually impaired guests

AirAsia India introduces in-flight safety manual for visually impaired guests; extends online pre-booking and priority services for Persons with Disabilities

Extends priority services and booking facilities on and the AirAsia India mobile app to facilitate comfortable and easy travel for Persons with Disabilities

National, 03 December 2021: Marking the ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’, AirAsia India today announced the introduction of a new in-flight safety manual in braille, in collaboration with the Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind.

The airline emphasised their endeavour to provide a comfortable travel experience to persons with disabilities and limited mobility. Wheelchair assistance can now be pre-booked online from the website or the AirAsia India app while booking a flight, at the contact centre or by approaching the airline’s guest services staff at the airport. Different types of wheelchair facilities are available to pre-book for persons with disabilities to access the ramp up to the ladder point or the aircraft door as well as to reach the cabin. Wheelchairs to assist guests to be seated inside the cabin are narrower, allowing easier maneuvering in the aisle of the aircraft. These facilities are provided to guests along with convenient seats at no extra cost.

To offer dedicated and priority services to persons with disabilities, AirAsia India has also recently demarcated Special Assistance Counters with Priority Services at all 17 airports AirAsia India operates from. The Special Assistance Counters have been made distinctly visible by showcasing the International Symbol of Access also known as the (International) Wheelchair Symbol. By using the Special Assistance Counters, guests can enjoy the benefit of priority check-in, and assistance while boarding and deboarding to facilitate comfortable travel from the beginning of their journey till they reach their destination.

This launch is a step towards the airline’s venture to become more inclusive and attuned to the evolving and diverse needs of guests.

Speaking about the initiatives rolled out by the airline, Capt. Manish Uppal, Head of Operations, AirAsia India said, “As we work towards a future built on inclusion, equity and diversity, we need to be more accommodating of individual differences and preferences. It has been very fulfilling working with the Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind to launch our in-flight safety manual in braille. With this, we hope to extend ease of access, comfort, and safety to visually impaired guests and aid them in experiencing pleasant journeys onboard without impediments. Our core values of being ‘Guest Obsessed’ and ‘Sustainability Spirit’ guide us in enabling a more inclusive experience to pave the way for the future.”

Mr. Yogesh Desai, CEO, HKIDB, added “The institute’s focus stems from the strong belief to give every person every right that you claim for yourself” and was hopeful that other airline companies would share the same sentiment and assured full cooperation from HKIDB in this initiative”.

About AirAsia India

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, AirAsia India Limited is a joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and AirAsia Investment Limited. AirAsia India commenced operations on 12th June 2014 and flies over 50 direct and 100 connecting routes across India. The airline offers plush leather seats, hot meals, and Red Carpet priority services. AirAsia stands firmly on the pillars of its core values - People First, Dare to Dream, Be Guest-Obsessed, Make it Happen, One AirAsia, Safety Always, and Sustainability Spirit. AirAsia India has consistently embraced technology to deliver operational efficiency and enhance guest experiences, offering fast bookings, fab value, and fantastic deals on its award-winning mobile apps and website, delivering seamless support with an advanced AI-powered multilingual chatbot Tia.

For the latest on AirAsia India’s innovations, promotions, activities, and contests, check out AirAsia India on Twitter @AirAsiaIndia, Instagram @AirAsiaIndia, Facebook @AirAsiaIndia, and LinkedIn @AirAsiaIndia.


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