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AirAsia India enhances its ‘Gourmair’ menu with festive special

AirAsia India enhances its ‘Gourmair’ menu with festive special

National, 27th September, 2022: AirAsia India kicked off the festive season with new additions to the menu of its in-flight dining brand ’Gourmair’. With ovens installed in all its flights to serve hot meals to guests and the most diverse selection of offerings in Indian skies, the airline has continuously refined its menu offering. Guests can pre-book Gourmair meals on, the AirAsia India mobile app or with preferred travel partners, up to 12 hours before their flight.

The festive menu includes a Navratri special hot meal - Kuttu ki poori with til wale aloo and makhana kheer. Kuttu ki poori or buckwheat puri is a staple food during Navratri.

Celebrating the launch of Lucknow as its latest destination, AirAsia India recently also added the regional favourite ‘Galouti Kebab with Ulte Tawa ka Paratha’ to its Gourmair dining menu.

Celebrating the warmth of diversity, Gourmair offers the finest range of hot meals in Indian skies, including MasterChef Specials, Regional Favourites, Jain, Vegan, Pescetarian, Eggetarian and Healthy options as well as Seasonal Fruits, Sandwiches and Rolls and innovative fusion desserts like the Shôndesh Tiramisù, curated exclusively for AirAsia India’s Gourmair menu by MasterChef Kirti Bhoutika, with whom AirAsia India had earlier developed the unique Vegan Moilee Curry with Coconut Rice.


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