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Air India Express Unveils Vision and Differentiators, Navigating Toward Brand Launch

Air India Express Unveils Vision and Differentiators, Navigating Toward Brand Launch

National, September 4th, 2023: Air India Express has taken a significant step forward by revealing its vision and differentiators as it proceeds with the merger and integration with AIX Connect, currently operating as AirAsia India. The airline's trajectory builds upon the major milestones already accomplished during the Air India Group's ongoing 5-year transformation journey, Vihaan.AI.

This vision and key differentiators align with the shared brand purpose of both Air India and Air India Express, which is "to transform a national institution into national inspiration." Aloke Singh, Managing Director of Air India Express and AIX Connect, articulated the airline's vision during a town hall meeting with employees from both airlines. He emphasized the goal "to inspire new possibilities and make meaningful connections with unmatched warmth." Singh elaborated on the areas of focus, including integration, growth, transformation, and the airline's aspirations.

Regarding the vision, differentiators, and the road ahead, Aloke Singh stated, "Our unwavering vision encapsulates our key differentiators - forging meaningful connections, delivering unique experiences, and providing best-in-class value with Indian warmth. Our ambitions will leverage our expansive fleet and network expansion, both in the domestic Indian market and the short-haul international region. This includes unlocking synergies from the merger, network integration with Air India, growth, and expansion for a meaningful market presence and cost-efficiencies, and achieving excellence in all areas to become a preferred brand for a confident new India."

These differentiators outline the airline's business model and brand promise in anticipation of the brand launch of Air India Express, expected within the next few months:

  1. Meaningful Connections: Fostering connections that transcend borders, bringing people, communities, and cultures closer together, embodying the spirit and diversity of India, and making every journey a delightful and memorable experience.

  2. Unique Experiences: Crafting and delivering unique experiences with unparalleled Indian warmth, leveraging technology to create seamless and personalized journeys, all while embodying the warmth of Indian hospitality.

  3. Best-in-Class Value: Striving for the best-in-class value that goes beyond cost and business models, offering customizable and relevant services based on guest preferences and needs while maintaining operational efficiency.

Specific projects have been identified to achieve these aspirations, focusing on enhancing the guest experience, optimizing the network for market dominance, streamlining operations with a digital-first approach, nurturing talent with innovative culture, and creating sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Earlier this year, AIX Connect and Air India Express launched a unified website,, along with common social media handles and integrated Passenger Service Systems. The airlines have also synergized various ancillary add-on services and sub-brands, fostering a unified structure and streamlining career paths across the Air India group.


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