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ACC’s ‘Dil ki Diwali’ film celebrates long lasting relationships with everlasting homes

ACC’s ‘Dil ki Diwali’ film celebrates long lasting relationships with everlasting homes

  • Conceptualized new festive film in collaboration with Eleventh Hermit, media content creation company

Mumbai, November 09, 2021: Diwali is not just a festival of lights, but a festival of celebrations and creating enduring relationships with your loved ones. On this occasion, ACC Limited released a film titled ‘Dil ki Diwali ‘, celebrating one’s ever-lasting relationship with their homes.

Through this ad, the brand wishes happiness and prosperity to all such families who had, have and will continue to harness relationships for several decades in the warmth of their homes.

The idea has been communicated through the story of a little young boy experiencing Diwali and forming a new and ever-lasting relationship with his house.

The film starts with the young boy moving around his home excitedly, seeing it being decorated during Diwali. He is amused and asks his father if the home is celebrating its birthday today and is curious about its age. His father smiles saying that it is 25 Diwali old, but is still young and will never age with time. The film depicts the youthful and ever-lasting character of the home through the young boy’s new found relationship with his house.

Being India's 1st cement company, ACC has played an integral role in strengthening relationships, by building homes for people that continue to last for generations. This Diwali, ACC celebrated those long lasting relationships of families with their ever- lasting homes, through the innocence of a young boy.

The film was released on Diwali and has already garnered 2.1 million views on YouTube so far. Diwali succeeds in fostering a new relationship for this kid with his home, which would stay forever and ever.


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