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ACC Ltd launches ‘ACC Airium’, a revolutionary climate control concrete insulation system in India

ACC Ltd launches ‘ACC Airium’, a revolutionary climate control concrete insulation system in India

· A super lightweight technology that provides insulation at the construction stage itself

· A disruptive technology in the insulation market that will provide thermal comfort and improve energy efficiency for buildings, from roof to floor

· A solution with low CO2 footprint

Mumbai, 22nd March 2022: ACC Ltd. a member of global conglomerate, Holcim group and one of the leading cement and concrete makers in the country, has unveiled a revolutionary thermal insulating climate control concrete system ‘ACC Airium’ in India.

ACC has a long tradition of creating cutting-edge innovations in terms of ‘products & solutions’ that benefit home builders and the community of architects, engineers and developers. The latest in the line is ACC Airium, a mineral foam based insulating technology, as a unique concrete system which becomes a long-lasting roofing solution that insulates the surface at the time of construction itself. ACC Airium is available in low densities starting from 300 kg/m3 and above. The product with its superior thermal insulation properties provides an ideal solution for homes, offices and buildings across India. Furthermore, it is also completely sustainable and fire-resistant. With ACC Airium on top, its insulation technology reduces the inside temperature by up to 5 degrees in peak summer and warmer up to 5 degrees in peak winters.

Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited said, “At ACC, we recognise our responsibility to contribute to a greener tomorrow. With the launch of Airium, we once again demonstrate our ability to rethink construction practices in order to continue delivering innovation. This product truly represents a new concept for insulation. Airium is an energy-efficient insulation for homes, offices and buildings. . It’s healthier, safer and simpler to work with, in line with ACC’s commitment to offering sustainable, high-performance construction solutions. With such ‘products and solutions’, we want to give our customers a choice to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the entire building.”

The introduction of ACC Airium is an essential component of ACC’s strategy to advance the transition towards low-carbon and circular construction. The Company has been consistently focusing on increasing the range of sustainable solutions. Expanding that range of products and solutions is also part of its commitment to deliver energy savings and offer healthy and sustainable construction solutions. While ACC Airium is being launched in two markets-Delhi NCR & Hyderabad as of now; ACC has a vision of rolling this out in all key markets.

ACC Airium addresses the energy efficiency challenges faced by the society today as well as the needs of construction professionals and homeowners by providing energy savings and comfort. It can be used in a simple way for many applications, from insulating roof terraces to sub-screed floor insulation to the filling of concrete blocks and attics.

ACC has been a pioneering brand with a history of ‘Category first ’innovations that have gone on to set new benchmarks. The team has successfully developed some of the most innovative products, solutions, and services, as well as advanced manufacturing processes to achieve energy efficiency, lower cost of construction and reduce environmental footprint. It continues in its endeavour to be an innovative and responsive organisation by building sustainable, innovative and differentiated solutions aligned with its vision to transition to a ‘Building Materials Company’.


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