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ACC Gold Water Shield, India’s first water repelling cement that protects home from seepage, leakage

ACC Gold Water Shield, India’s first water repelling cement that protects your home from seepage, leakages

· Water-repellent cement shields structures from dampness and seepage.

· Made from 30-50% recycled content that’s sourced from other industries.

· Being a PPC grade cement, it uses fly ash (residue from thermal plants) as one of its core ingredients, reducing the percentage of Clinker by 30% (Limestone), thus conserving natural resource.

· This also leads to reduction in CO2 during manufacturing of the cement, thus protecting the environment.

Mumbai, 6th June, 2022: ACC Ltd., one of India’s most trusted and innovative cement makers, has developed ACC Gold Water Shield—the country’s first specially formulated cement with high-quality water-repelling properties. The product, while standing testament to ACC’s trend of setting industry benchmarks in developing quality and sustainable products, ensures that one’s structure is durable and protected from dampness or seepage.

Building materials have considerably shorter life span when subjected to moisture over a prolonged period of time. When the water penetrates in concrete, can have immediate and long-term effects on the building in the form of damage to building contents and even structural failure if the problem is not dealt quickly and successfully. ACC Gold Water Shield is specially formulated cement with high quality water repellent properties. With water repellence engineered at a particle level, it reduces the capillary action thus shielding homes from dampness and seepage.

Aimed primarily at homebuilders, ACC Gold Water Shield cement contains special silane-based additives that are uniformly mixed in precise quantities at its technologically superior plant facilities. The cement is produced from a minutely controlled process, which gives it the desired water repellent properties.

The cement’s commercial viability and suitability for Indian climatic conditions make it an ideal choice for use in family homes. It shields houses and its inhabitants from dampness and leakage and has a lower carbon footprint compared to ordinary Portland cement (OPC). This translates into longer-lasting, durable structures with no ingress.

Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Ltd., said: “We’re very determined to follow responsible and cost-effective measures, to deliver sustainability and innovation by incorporating it in our product design, production and supply chain management. Recognising this need, ACC Gold Water Shield has been developed to meet the needs of customers to prevent water seepage through various elements of the house, while also contributing to a sustainable future.”

Deepak Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer, ACC Ltd., said: “ACC GOLD WATER SHIELD is India’s first water-repelling cement with a unique water-resistant formula to protect one’s home from water seepage. Suitable for any construction, the benefits of using this product are- shields home from seepage, enhanced strength, better durability, ease in working and has a lower carbon footprint.”

ACC Gold Water Shield has sustainability at its core. The lower carbon dioxide emissions arising from its manufacturing process will shift the market towards climate friendly building materials. The cement assists in building long-lasting homes and a greener future as its clinker factor is 30% lesser compared to OPC cement. That’s because this cement is made from 30-50% recycled content from other material industries.

Being recognised for its innovative, low carbon and high quality water-repellent properties, “ACC Gold Water Shield Cement” has also received the ‘Solar Impulse (SI) Efficient Solution’ Label by Solar Impulse Foundation. The foundation acknowledged the product as one of the world-leading efficient solutions that protects the environment in a profitable way.


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