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ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll predicts close contest between BJP and AAP for the Delhi MCD elections

ABP News-CVoter Opinion Poll predicts close contest between BJP and AAP for the forthcoming MCD elections in Delhi

New Delhi, November 7: Ahead of the high-stake Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls that is being seen as a barometer of power among political parties, an opinion poll conducted by ABP News-CVoter has revealed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will be in a neck-to-neck fight to win the mandate of the people of Delhi.

This would be the first election to the municipal corporation since reunification of Municipal Corporation in May 2022. Following the passage of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, earlier this year, the wards and councillor positions in MCD was reduced from 272 to 250 out of which 42 seats are reserved for SC.

The survey showed that the BJP is predicted to win a vote share of 41.5% and they are likely to get 118-138 seats. However, AAP is a close second and is predicted to win 104-124 seats with a vote share of 40.0%. The Congress, considered to be the distant third, is likely to win a vote share of 16.5% and is predicted to win 4-12 seats. Others are likely to get a vote share of 2.0% and get 0-4 seats.

Additionally, ABP News-CVoter conducted a snap poll and one of the questions posed to the voters was, according to them, what is the biggest issue in the MCD elections? In response to the question, 12.9% respondents identified electricity and water as the biggest issue, 23.3% respondents considered pollution, 20.0% respondents considered cleanliness, 13.3% respondents identified corruption, 23.8% respondents identified inflation while 6.7% respondents considered safety and security as the biggest challenge.

Another question posed to the voters was who according to them is responsible for Yamuna river not being cleaned in Delhi? To this, 57.8% respondents held the Delhi Government responsible for the same while 42.2% respondents blamed the MCD.

The third question posed to the voters was whether they think AAP will suffer in MCD elections that are being held amid the pollution problem in Delhi? In response to this, 60.3% respondents considered it to be a potential challenge for Kejriwal while 39.7% respondents did not think that holding MCD elections amid pollution issue in Delhi will be a challenge for him.

The MCD election is scheduled for December 4 and the result would be declared on December 7. The much-awaited polls will decide the fate of 250 wards.


This poll and snap poll is based on surveys conducted between 5th November to 7th November and CVoter has made sure that the analysis is properly represented by statistically balancing the data to make it reflective of the local population according to the most recent census results. This survey is based on CATI interviews with respondents who are adults (18+) and represent all segments.

Sample Size: 1292


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