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ABP Majha to launch its new show “On the Spot”

ABP Majha to launch its new show “On the Spot”

Premiering from October 31, 2022, every day at 9 PM with its repeat telecast to air at 11:30 PM

Mumbai, October 31, 2022: ABP Majha, Maharashtra’s leading Marathi news channel is all set to launch a brand-new TV news show – ‘On the Spot.’ The show comes with a unique format of delivering a news capsule in just 15 minutes. 'On the Spot' will have it all - fast-paced news, credible faces, a complete overview of the state, strong content, and gripping visuals from across Maharashtra.

Through this show, ABP Majha’s reporters will present hyperlocal news effectively, thereby giving the audience across the state a peek into the reality of affairs in just 15 minutes. Through programs like Namaskar Maharashtra, Maharashtra Desha, Majha Gaon Majha Jilha, Majha City News, etc., the channel is well recognized for portraying the spirit of Maharashtra.

This year, the channel also completed 15 glorious years of its existence. Due to the carefully crafted editorial properties and capsules, ABP Majha is being identified as the voice of Maharashtra, bringing the state’s existing condition to the attention of every Marathi viewer throughout the world.

ABP Majha has become Maharashtra's go-to news source as they are taking on a number of social issues that are significant to their audience. They have received a great deal of support and backing from their devoted viewers for their vast programming on topics including Draughts, Dowry, School Education, Swachh Maharashtra, Digital Maharashtra, Farmers & Agriculture, and COVID management.


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