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ABP Majha concludes its grand event, Majha Maha Katta

ABP Majha concludes its grand event, Majha Maha Katta

Mumbai, 4th May, 2022: On April 30, 2022, ABP Majha celebrated the 10th anniversary of its flagship talk programme, Majha Katta, by hosting a spectacular on-ground conclave called "Majha Maha Katta" at ITC Grand Central in Mumbai. ABP Majha invited 10 prominent figures from diverse fields to the event. Rajiv Khandekar, Sr. Vice President – News and Programming, ABP Majha, with his exceptional aptitude and expertise in solo discussions displayed endurance to engage in a one-to-one interview with the guests continuously for 10 hours.

Majha Katta's purpose is to present viewers with an unconventional interview documenting the lives and events of well-known figures from India's political, social, and cultural spectrum. Over the past decade, the show has been a massive success, garnering enormous affection and support from viewers. In the fiscal year 2019-20, the show drew 15.6 million viewers. The show has aired more than 400 episodes since its inception.

The event was attended by Devendra Fadnavis, former CM of Maharashtra with his spouse Amruta Fadnavis where both were seen in great form with witty answers to questions on apolitical topics. The event was also attended by the likes of Sushilkumar Shinde, former CM of Maharashtra with his spouse Ujwala Shinde, Raj Thackeray, MNS chief with his spouse Sharmila Thackeray, Shreyas Talpade, famous actor, Chetan Sashital, renowned voice actor, Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn, founders of Bharatiya Digital Party, Dilip Vengsarkar, former Indian cricketer, Chhagan Bujbal, Cabinet Minister of Food and Civil Supply, Consumer Affairs, Government of Maharashtra, with his spouse Meena Bhujbal, Aamir Khan, actor and director, Satyajit Bhatkal, CEO of Paani Foundation, Eknath Shinde, Minister of Urban Development, Government of Maharashtra and Prasad Oak, acclaimed Marathi actor and director. Prasad Oak showed up on the stage in his remarkable appearance of Shiv Sena leader Dharmveer Anand Dighe, the character he is playing in his forthcoming movie Dharmveer.

Key Highlights

· The first session was with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena president Raj Thackeray and his wife Sharmila Thackeray. Addressing at the ABP Majha's Majha Maha Katta conclave, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena president talked about how the constant use of loudspeakers cause a problem for everyone. “The playing of high tuned prayers on loudspeakers bothers not only to Hindus, but also to Muslims. This isn’t a religious issue but a social one. Everyone should keep their religion at home and not bring it to the streets,” Maharashtra Navnirman Sena president Raj Thackeray said. “It's reasonable to have loudspeakers on for a day or two, but it's not appropriate to have them on for 365 days. Loudspeakers create noise, which bothers everyone. This should stop”, added Mr. Thackeray.

· Actor Aamir Khan who was one of the participants of the program presented his story about his work in the field of agriculture. Speaking on the benefits of group farming, Aamir Khan said, “Group farming will reduce the cost of production. Many problems of farmers will be reduced, if they implement group farming. We want to create certain ecosystems and work to make the farmers more knowledgeable. We will give professional advice to the farmers in this regard. Earlier we worked to irrigate the water, now we want to flourish the farms."

Former Home Minister of India Sushilkumar Shinde while shedding light on the need for substantial changes in the functioning of Congress party, said, “I have never tried to join G-23 or any other group. The Gandhi family has a huge following. Poor people have a lot of love for them. But now everyone should come together and re-establish the Congress

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