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4th Phase Elephant Corridor Project work started and the work is undertaken by TPWPODL in full speed

4th Phase Elephant Corridor Project work started and the work is undertaken by TPWPODL in full speed to complete by March 22. Government Odisha Sanctioned Rs. 108 Cr.

For the safety of the forest animals and also for the safety of the Elephants and their movement in Western Odisha, TPWODL has started the high-rise pole erection work in 59 Sections out of 84 Sections which were identified as important sections for elephant movement.

Under this project 730 numbers of 33KV line Poles, 18300 numbers of 11KV line poles & 6000 numbers of LT line poles are planned in these 59 sections of TPWODL. In this project 470 KMs of Aerial Bundled (AB) cables with insulation to be laid down so that the electrocution accidents are prevented. Under this project Rs. 108 Cr has been sanctioned by the State Government and out of which the company has placed orders worth of Rs. 105 Crs and it is targeted to complete the entire project by end of March 22.

In Naktidoel & Jugumera the work is in full speed in association with the forest officials, it is learned from the District Forest Officials that about 150 elephants are permanently habitat in and around areas like Naktidoel, Jujumera and Munder.

In order to strengthen the HT & LT line network with the help of the forest officials and from the GPS coordinates the company identified the elephant movement route and have installed 9 meter high rise poles with 3ft concrete foundation under the ground. There are around 230 numbers (200 in Jujumera and 30 in Naktideol), pole erection work has been completed and the cables have been laid down under Sambalpur Circle and work is in full speed in all other circles as well. This is a stretch of over 100 kilo meters.

The company over last one year have taken several progressive steps with all odds to stabilize the distribution set up and revamp the distribution infrastructure. Apart from providing the stable and reliable power to its consumers, the company has also prioritized the protection of the rare animals and improving its infrastructure for over all development of transmission and distribution in western Odisha.


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